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Peace Behind Bars

Peace Behind Bars: A Journal from Jail

Peace Behind Bars records John Dear's experiences, daily reflections and scripture meditations written in North Carolina jails after his December 1993 Plowshares anti-nuclear demonstration with Philip Berrigan until his release in July 1994. It includes the story of the Plowshares mistrial and four separate trials, as well as John Dear's sentencing statement. The foreword is by Philip Berrigan.

"A book with vision, long-suffering, and Gospel politics. Those who aspire to Christ can read it, ponder and follow."

--from the foreword by Philip Berrigan.

"A deeply personal, prayerful record of one man's journey into the heart of darkness. For those who claim Jesus as the One sent from God, John Dear's jail journal is a gift straight from the heart. It challenges us to settle for nothing short of giving our very life for the sake of peace, knowing, sometimes dimly and sometimes with crystalline clarity, that God will be with us each step of the way."


"Dear's journal is powerful spiritual reading and a perfect example of that old monastic practice of the sapiential reading of the scriptures. It is also new in that his reading is an example of liberation theology in practice. Like the householder in the Gospel, Dear has brought forth old things and new."


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